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Choosing Bespoke Builders for your extension


Are you planning to add an extension to your home, such as a conservatory or a garden room? You must choose bespoke builders that understand your needs and bring them to reality. Factors to consider when selecting bespoke builders.

Builders Availability

You are probably pumped up to start on your extension after finishing with the design. However, it is essential to consider your bespoke builder’s availability. Builders who are reputable in the industry are booked many months in advance. If the builders ask you to wait for about two weeks, be assured that the quality of the build will be worth the wait. According to Proficiency Bespoke the home should be a reflection of your personality and builders should be able to do just that for you.

Use of Understandable Language

Is this the first time you are undertaking a custom-built extension for your home? You could be easily overwhelmed by the technical construction terms. Ask your bespoke builders to explain in simple and understandable terms.


If you want companies dealing with high-end luxury extensions and refurbishment. Invite different companies so that you can choose the one with competitive prices.

Cheap is expensive; therefore, do not choose your builders because they are cheap. The price of your extension depends on the design complexity and materials being used.

Choose a company that provides value for money through exceptional services that are tailored to ensure that your home is a place where you and your family are proud to call home. It should reflect who you are.

Be wary of a company you choose that later double their quotation, as this means they are not sure of what they are doing.

Ask to see if they are registered with the quality assurance organization

It confirms that your project will run smoothly because the associations ensure that their members meet the expected standard of bespoke builders and that they are conversant with the services they are offering. You should also make sure that the company has fulfilled all requirements, and the State recognizes it.

Changes to Your Design

Before embarking on your project, meet with the builders to discuss your design ideas and make the necessary changes. Whether it is a loft conversion or installing a new bar for your home entertainment. Having a good relationship with your builders is important once construction starts. A good relationship makes it possible for you to communicate any tweaks you need to be made in your build. It minimizes the costs of having to do it further in the build.

Choose a bespoke company that holds regular meetings with their clients to update them, make a suggestion, and listen to their input.

Reputation and References

Before choosing your custom builders, make sure that they come highly recommended. It is said that you are as good as your last client. Ask to speak to their past clients to get a feel of that particular company’s services, or read reviews. You can also take a look at our portfolio. This will help put your mind at ease.

Be wary of builders without portfolio or contact details for their references.

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Do not assume that all custom builders have valid licenses in place. A license is vital for builders as it protects them against property damage and any other personal or public liability. It also protects in case there is an accident or injury. Ask to see the  relevant documentation.

Financial Stability

In today’s market for bespoke companies are very competitive, and businesses may slash their prices to stay in business. But, this is not sustainable in the long-run since every business needs cash flow to remain in business. A credit reference assures you of the company’s financial strength and you will be able to see how they budget the work. Also it can give indication for hidden cost like insurance, building security and maintenance.

Final Thoughts

If this is your first bespoke project, chances are you have been planning it for many years. You may have already visualized the end product, but the process of bringing it into reality will stay with you forever.